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We are GBT Technologies, LLC - and we are proud to present you with a collection of the most beautiful and fascinating images of golf ball technologies anywhere!

The image you see here - and those in our Gallery - are high definition photographs of the cross-sections of golf balls that have been surgically halved to display the construction and interior engineering of the leading golf balls on the market.

To us, these beautiful images reflect the embodiment of technology that goes into golf ball design and performance development. We hope you too find them as appealing and interesting as we do! Enjoy!

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GolfBallPIX is presented by GBT Technologies, LLC (GBT). GBT is the Trusted Source for unbiased and fact-based information and ratings of consumable products - anchored in the golf ball and golf equipment testing area, providing unrivaled product performance ratings - and powerful easy-to-use search and decision support tools - that Inform, Enable, and Empower the consumer.

We deliver patented leading testing, certification and technology solutions to retailers and to manufacturers to help drive sales, sell on value and performance - and to better target their customers

About The Photographer

Steve Carr is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand involved in a variety of creative endeavors spanning Film, Sculpture and Photography. Learn more about Steve and his work here.

What We Believe

Selecting the right golf ball can make a major difference in a player's game, confidence and enjoyment of the game. Unfortunately, golfers are barraged with performance claims from manufacturer marketing and a complex maze of pricing and performance challenges in finding - and buying the right ball - that provides maximum value and a real difference for the player. Our mission is simple: Helping Golfers Become Better Golfers! - and this is why we imagined and built GBT, and

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Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a high quality reproduction of one of our photographs. Offered in a variety of customized framed options, including a large format 43.5" by 43.5" mounting, these one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to spark interest and conversation in the home, office, locker room or clubhouse.

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